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Time- present, past and future

We mark occasions- whether it be birthdays, weddings, the new year- with much celebration, food and sound!  But they all share a common, yet invisible marker, which is a recognition of time.  The time we have spent in the past, to have put us in this present state and looking forward to where our time will be spent tomorrow.

Bringing quality and joy and play to even something as rigid as the ineveitable second, minute and hour to come, gives us space and choice.  I had a student who would tell me how coming to Feldenkrais lessons gave him time back!  Impossible you say?  Surely not.  The momentum of time is continuous but yet it seems as though it is something alterable.  One hour of boredom waiting for the train, to one hour of pleasure in playing with your niece, are by no means equal time spent.

In the new year many resolutions abound.  There is optimism and hope we will use our time for better and for good.  Time will be kinder to us (resolutions to be more organized);  we will be more proactive with our use of time (resolutions go to the gym).  I make a resolution to smalls steps within my reach to build my pyramid by years end.  And I wish great joy to all of you.  Thank you for your commitment to learning and growth.

A toast to new choices for the coming 2012!

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