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Believing is hearing

We engage our senses to interpret the world around us.  We trust our eyes, our hearing, our knowledge to always lead us in the right direction.  But in reality, fact is one component of our experience.  It interacts with the many other factors at play in ourselves (emotions, expectations, will) and around us (environment.)  In Feldenkrais we try to sharpen our sensing skills and make a great measuring tool in our connection to ourselves.  In turn you may be better able to control what is within your realm and changeable, and in turn may also be a better judge of the world around you.  In that vein, here is an interesting study for telling the difference between the “best” musical instrument, a Stradivarius, and other lesser violins.  Can you trust your ears?  I picked correctly, but I had a 50/50 chance…..






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