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Tight Ties, Killer Heels: Fun, Health and Choices

        I love my 4 inch Cole Haan heels and tight jbrand jeans.  Our clothing choices are as important as everything else we let into our life.  The emotional and social significance of clothing options is recognized by retailers, perhaps not always the buyer on a conscious level.  Hans Christian Anderson knew the significance of clothing when he wrote his tale ‘The Emperors New Clothes” because clothes are so much more.  They represent human expression in thought, detail and craft.

       I attended MOCA’s sold out fashion runway event on Saturday evening.  Pure fun to see the creativity put out by the designers who had to fashion their clothing after the wood sculptures of artist Ursula Von Rydingsvard.  My favorites being the dyed silk tie skirt shown below by Deanna Turcotte, the led lights woven through felted wool by Xin Xin Liu and the fabulous wood hat by Margaret Burton.

But the physical limitations that we create by our fashion choices, while fun, are further down on our awareness.  There may be health consequences as outlined, albeit a bit fantastically, in this Wall Street Journal Article.

Tight Ties, Killer Heels: Clothes Make the Fashion Victims – WSJ.com.

Is it the heels that are the problem or the way we walk?  A bit of both.  mmhh, I’m not giving up my high heels anytime soon.  Better work on that walk!

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