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Runners Advantage Workshop

Want to run faster, healthier and with less effort?

Realize your running potential!

Saturday January 25th, 2-5pm

The Yoga Room Little Italy

2026 Murray Hill Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44106

This unique workshop based on the Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education® has proven to be powerful in enhancing performance of elite athletes and yet is still safe and gentle enough for injured runners.

We will do two floor explorations in Awareness Through Movement© with minimal running and a video analysis observation.

Feel great in a non-judgmental atmosphere while discovering gentle movement for greater connection to your whole self.

Contact us today!

-Improve function

-Reduce impact and injury

-Find efficient patterns faster and with less effort

-Understand the principles of gait

-Discover internal sensory points for continued self-guidance and learning


Register by 1/20 for early bird rate- $40/ thereafter $60



Visit our facebook page or call for more details






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