A conversation through movement

Private sessions, called Functional Integration®, use the same philosophy and principles as group classes (Awareness Through Movement®) but offer a hands-on custom approach to your specific needs.  Guided by the teacher through touch and gentle movements in various positions, a space is created for kinesthetic learning and understanding.  Reorganization and improvement in the functional use of oneself is promoted no matter injury, fitness or known ability.


  • "It (the Feldenkrais Method) is not just pushing muscles around, but changing things in the brain itself"
    - Karl Pribram, MD (Neuropsychologist
  • “ I felt six inches taller!”
    - Elizabeth Gimbel (Visual Merchandiser, Hallmark Cards)

Private sessions are offered on a limited schedule currently.  Please contact Samantha through the contact page on this website or directly: samantha@clevelandmovement.com to inquire about scheduling.

$100 per session/ $60 student rate

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