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The Back Saver Workshop, Nov 3, 10am-1pm

A 3 hour workshop for the novice or experienced on problem solving and finding relief with the Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education(c).

Understanding back saving principles for  dynamic posture enables:

-You to organize your body to the demands of the 21st century life pace.  

-Develops self-awareness as to how to improve your abilities.

-Contributes to an effortless prevention of back, shoulder and neck pain, and other discomforts.


Come discover for yourself the powerful benefits of the Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education©.  These particular Awareness Through Movement® lessons are designed around the individuality of your posture, which relates to your personality and what you do.  It is movement re-education for your health and well-being.

This method is practiced worldwide by artists, performers, athletes, healthcare workers, for healthy &active aging for older adults, and for rehabilitation.

Please wear comfortable clothing, mats are available for use.  Investment: $50

Time: 10am-1pm (remember it’s fall back so you get an extra hour of sleep!)
Teachers: Russell Hall and Samantha Basford Damoulakis                                         Location: Bliss Health and Healing Center 14055 Cedar Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44118 (216) 371-2547
Extras!: There will be tea and cake available in the lounge for you to hang out and get to know Bliss a little bit better. There is also a chronic pain support group presentation at 1pm following our class by fellow Bliss practitioner.

Please contact Samantha for further details: samantha@clevelandmovement.com

View videos and further info on our facebook page:


Visit www.blisshhc.com to guarantee your space.



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