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Making Healthy Decisions

From the September 2011 Newsletter:

“Making decisions uses the very same willpower that you use to say no to doughnuts or to drag yourself out of bed or to hold off going to the bathroom. Your ability to make the right investment or hiring decision may be reduced simply because you expended some of your willpower earlier when you held your tongue in response to someone’s offensive remark or when you exerted yourself to get to the meeting on time.The most successful people… don’t use their willpower as a last-ditch defense to stop themselves from disaster. Rather, they conserve willpower by developing effective habits and routines in school and at work so that they reduce the amount of stress in their lives. They use their self-control not to get through crises but to avoid them.”

In Feldenkrais, we apply this principle directly.  Those daily decisions, which we don’t even think of as choices (when they are habits we rely on), become draining.  Learning how to make the easiest and healthiest choices in eliminating excess through thought, feeling and the physical self is not only possible but essential.  This method makes the unconscious conscious.  You are provided with choices, so your vocabulary can be dynamic.  For example, you can slouch or sit up straight but you are able to have all capable movements through your spine in sitting, standing or doing a somersault; an easy place to move to or from and through, not a static form.

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“Art resides in the quality of doing; process is not magic.” ~Charles Eames


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