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Pina Bausch- Vision & Feeling

A feeling she couldn’t quite fulfill like the first time.   A moment of choreographed sleep walking.  A discovery.  It’s in the eyes.  To look up or down, even with the eyelids closed made all of the difference.

It was just a short amount of speaking and lack of words in the whole movie which made this idea stand out all the more.  It’s in the eyes.

The Pina Bausch documentary which was recently released, is fun and fabulous and the above interview was one of the most interesting peaks into her process and creativity.  Mostly we are presented her pieces on a platter, no menu.  But there was just a palette cleanser offered in Pina’s own voice about such a simple discovery connecting vision and feeling, I had to share with you.

Below is a link to the directors vision of the film and his interaction with her before she passed away.

Pina’s Eyes: A Conversation With Wim Wenders on Notebook | MUBI.

Who is she?


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