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NOV 1-3, Advanced Practitioner Training

Please join us

November 1-3 2013

In Cleveland, Ohio,

Investment: $195 by 10/15, $215 thereafter

click here for full flyer:

Teaching by Listening: receiving a lesson while giving one

Scheduled times: (16 hours)

Friday, November 1 2-6pm

Saturday, November 2nd 9-6pm, lunch break 1-2pm

Sunday, November 3rd 10-2pm


You can register by mailing a check to:


Cleveland Movement LLC

13900 South Park Blvd, #5

Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120


Or easy online registration to pay with a credit card by visiting: and click on the schedule/register page and then the Feldenkrais Training tab.

20 minutes from downtown Cleveland, we will be located at the Bliss Health and Healing Center in University Heights.  This brand new facility has a kitchen, lounge, free Wi-Fi, plenty of parking and many shops such as Whole Foods are across the street.  Housing (hosts and hotel options) and transportation options will be posted shortly.


Anything further we can help you with?  Please contact Samantha:


Samantha Basford Damoulakis, GCFP


Facebook: Cleveland movement


Teaching by Listening:  receiving a lesson while giving one

An advanced training led by Russell Hall, GCFP


Our focus will be on demonstrating and supporting the process of listening and responding from a kind of “thinking in the body.”  We will alternate between ATM and FI explorations of our ways of noticing, of creating context for what we notice, and of organizing responses.  By sharing in a variety of ways we can improve our comfort in working with more options.

The moment of noticing a shift in organization is the moment to pause.  Typically, this is for the student to rest and to let it ‘sink in’.  We will focus more on bringing it up for reflection by the teacher to consider what sense to make of it and to ask, “What might come next?”  We will be thinking of transitions in ourselves from “uncertainty” to curiosity, from “movement” to action, and from “explanation” to stories.

The impetus for this workshop is a very rewarding collaboration with fellow practitioner Samantha Damoulakis to establish a regular ATM class at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Planning what to do and how and why has involved deep and continuous reflection on how we make our choices in practicing the Feldenkrais Method®.

Russell Hall, a physical therapist from 1977 to 2012, graduated from the 2001 Cincinnati Training, which was co-directed by Paul Rubin and Julie Casson Rubin.  His first contact with the Feldenkrais Method® was a public workshop presented by Moshe Feldenkrais in 1982.  He continued by arranging a series of workshops for physical therapists with a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm.  Russ has worked with a wide variety of older children and adults while living in Cleveland Heights since 1977.  Since completing the Feldenkrais training he has been working toward full-time Feldenkrais practice, achieved in 2012.  He continues to work with equestrians, dancers, musicians, athletes and people of many ages and conditions and needs.

Watch a video of Russ working with a trainee here in a discussion about an FI she just gave him.


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