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Health and Wellness- welcome to our new blog!

We have many ways of taking care of ourselves; many ways of keeping fit, of working, of stimulating our bodies and minds.  Some we do by rote, some by interest, some by love.  The ability to function in a healthy manner is shaped by habits of using ourselves (walking,running, dancing, carrying a bag, playing a musical instrument), by our thoughts, emotions, social status, and environment.  When the paths of using ourselves are less than ideal, we create stress, pain, fatigue, even malfunction and disease.  To break that cycle, Feldenkrais offers learning as the fundamental key to change for basic health and skill acquisition.  A distinguishing trademark of the Feldenkrais Method is that of learning for the sake of oneself, finding an internal experience of success.  There is no idea of serving the teacher or other students, only that you listen to your own voice while thinking and listening to your own movement, body and breathing.  In simply observing your current state, not judging but sensing (muscles, bones, tendons, joints), you can instantly find a new easy, comfortable way to be.  In our new blog, we will explore the benefits of the Method on a personal level, dissect what our notion of this multi-layered work is and can be and highlight interesting studies in the field.  I look forward to sharing the joys and inspirations of this fabulous work with you!

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