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Body in Pain, Ideastream’s Look at Chronic Pain

Ideastream just wrapped up a week long in depth look at chronic pain.  There are some interesting discussions on the pain and perception.  For example how chronic pain comes from the brain, the person, and encompasses emotions, the often maligned brother to the physical aspect of pain.

“..pain really can be experienced as either sensory or emotional.  Or both.”  Jeffrey Janata

And some terribly disappointing discussions and omissions.  There was no mention of Moshe Feldenkrais and his work.  He was talking about this (and knew this empirically through his investigations) before MRI scanners could prove his theories.  And a very damaging idea that you must live in pain.  While it is very individual and subjective, they have taken away the possibility of success with these very words:

“Lowering expectations and learning to live with a certain amount of discomfort is part of managing the “Body in Pain.” Dr. Tanya Edwards


Take a look for yourself

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